Sensor Locations
Lower legs Hip / Upper Leg Arm / Hand Arm / Hand Shoulder/Neck Shoulder/Neck Lower Back Arm / Hand Arm / Hand Hip / Upper Leg Lower legs

Recommendations for sensor locations on individual muscles

SENIAM has developed recommendations for sensor locations on 30 individual muscles.
For each muscle the recommendations include a description of the muscle anatomy (subdivision, origin, insertion, function), a description of the recommendations for SEMG sensors, a description of the electrode location and orientation and a description of the starting posture and clinical test for recording the SEMG of that particular muscle. The recommendations for the individual muscles are organised according to the body parts in which the muscles are located:

SENIAM recommendations for sensor locations for muscles in:

- Shoulder or Neck
- Trunk or (lower) Back
- Arm or Hand
- Hip and Upper Leg
- Lower leg and Foot

Shoulder/Neck Shoulder/Neck



Shoulder/Neck Shoulder/Neck