Recommendations for sensor locations in hip or upper leg muscles

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Quadriceps Femoris
vastus lateralis
Muscle Anatomy
Proximal parts of intertrochanteric line, anterior and inferior borders of greater trochanter, lateral lip of gluteal tuberosity, proximal half of lateral lip of linea aspera, and lateral intermuscular septum.
Proximal border of the patella and through patellar ligament.
Extension of the knee joint.
Recommended sensor placement procedure
Starting posture
Sitting on a table with the knees in slight flexion and the upper body slightly bend backward.
Electrode size
Maximum size in the direction of the muscle fibres: 10 mm.
Electrode distance
20 mm.
Electrode placement
- location
Electrodes need to be placed at 2/3 on the line from the anterior spina iliaca superior to the lateral side of the patella.
- orientation
In the direction of the muscle fibres
- fixation on the skin
(Double sided) tape / rings or elastic band.
- reference electrode
On / around the ankle or the proc. spin. of C7.
Clinical test Extend the knee without rotating the thigh while applying pressure against the leg above the ankle in the direction of flexion.
The SENIAM guidelines include also a separate sensor placement procedure for the vastus medialis and the rectus femoris muscle.