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What is Seniam?
The SENIAM project (Surface ElectroMyoGraphy for the Non-Invasive Assessment of Muscles) is a European concerted action in the Biomedical Health and Research Program (BIOMED II) of the European Union.

Surface ElectroMyoGraphy SEMG is a technique which is used for many applications in area's like Neurology, Rehabilitation, Orthopeadics, Ergonomics, Sports, etc. Although its basics have already been developed at the beginning of the twentieth century and SEMG became rapidly populair during the last ten years, SEMG isn't still a widespread used technique. Most developments have taken place scattered over the world in specific scientific groups. The methodology used by these groups is often very different. The variety in methodology used hampers widespread use of the technique therefore standardization is essential.

Why this Project?
The objectives of this project where twofold:
  1. To solve key items that prevent a useful exchange of data and (clinical) experience.
  2. To integrate basic and applied research on SEMG at a Eurpean level in order to establish European co-operation.

Results of research
The SENIAM project has resulted in European recommendations for sensors and sensor placement procedures and signal processing methods for SEMG, a set of simulation models for education and testing, a set of test signals, eight books, publications and a European network for SEMG: the SENIAM club.